Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Power of the ISA

On their bi annual review “Mr N” explained that as time was going by, he decided to retire fully from his profession. However, he and his wife were both concerned that by doing this their annual income would reduce by circa £10,000. We had always encouraged them in the past, that wherever possible, to fully utilise their ISA allowance. The ISA portfolio was originally constructed for capital growth. After an assessment and appraisal of their circumstances we were able to construct an income and growth portfolio that paid them £10,000pa with the majority paid monthly, and the potential for capital growth to maintain the buying power of that £10,000pa. The beauty of this portfolio, is that none had to be declared for tax purposes, and therefore, no age allowance were lost or extra tax paid.


Case Study 2: There are no problems just challenges.

“Mr H” was a marketing executive in the 90’s for an Italian company. After leaving a works function in London he was hit by a car and suffered traumatic head injuries. “Mr H” approached us as he thought his life would be a struggle.

Fortunately, the company looked after him for a while and we were able to amalgamate his pension policies and put them to work. With our guidance he was able, once again, to manage his financial life through savings and prudent ISA investments. In 2007 he fully funded his daughter’s wedding, and currently has two properties that are debt free and has enough income from property and pension for the rest of his life.


Case Study 3: When Life is Cruel 

Mr & Mrs T where clients from inception and as is quite normal, one of the couple usually becomes the main decision maker, and in this case, it was “Mr T”. We were contacted to say that Mr T had died after complaining of feeling unwell. Not only did Mrs T have the trauma of losing the man she had loved for 50 years, but she now had to deal with the finances of which, she openly admitted, she had no clue.

We were able to help with the probate which was very straightforward and made sure there was sufficient cash for everyday needs.We increased her income to compensate for the reduction in pension income. After 3 years although still not having come to terms with her physical loss, she is in control of her financial life and making decisions, that she would not have thought possible 5 years ago.