Approaching Retirement

shutterstock_119209720Although many people look forward to retirement, it can also be a worrying time. Finances play a large part in this but the changes to your personal and social life are huge. It is important to be able to live the life you want, with the people you wish to share it with.

Few people come to us with no baggage. Some clients are fortunate in that they have substantial company pensions. The only real decision to make is if the tax free cash should be taken, and if so, the best way to utilise that money.

Others have no significant pension at all, but have sold their business, downsized their home, or inherited money. They now need to use that capital to provide a reliable and sustainable income.

Most people have a combination of different assets.

We can help you understand and deal with,

  • How much you actually need to live a decent life
  • Investment returns
  • Investment risk
  • Tax
  • Inflation
  • Taking care of those you care about
  • Helping the next generation
  • Being able to cope with change

We help you make these life changing decisions, and help you implement them. We will be there in the years ahead to help you cope with the changes that life brings.


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